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Amazon Prime Video is getting new look: Here are some amazing changes….

Amazon Prime Video has refreshed its interface and it’s now much easier for users to search for their favorite content, change playback speed and skip to the next episode.

The popular content streaming platform Amazon Prime Video has refreshed its user interface, giving a facelift to its look. The new interface will now be available on all devices such as tablets and smartphones. The updated interface brings a new feel to TV browsing experience.

The all new Live TV section

The Amazon Prime Video interface is getting a major overhaul. The new interface arrives with a bigger section for movies and shows, alongside a consolidation of the Live TV feature to Carousels. The streamlined Carousel feature keeps changing based on your viewing habits and will help you discover great content even faster.

With the new Amazon Prime Video interface that was launched in the US, users can now watch all their favorite content as if sitting at a theater. The easy-to-use controls are based on height and size, so it should be easy for users to operate them. Furthermore, users can also select music based on their viewing activities or even switch between languages. This is a great feature for global travelers who love to watch movies while traveling.

New Sidebar for easy navigation around the topic

The latest update to Amazon Prime video has introduced a new sidebar, but this time around, it’s on the right side of the screen. There’s also a new home button in addition to the familiar ones like movies, TV shows and music (obviously). On Netflix, the sidebar is used to quickly find new content, such as recommendations or recently added programs in your queue. Amazon Prime wants users to dive straight into those recommendations by having them appear at the top of their menu bar without any menu options except those that appear when clicking directly on them – this will save you lots of time!

The new straight – forward find section for better result

The new Find section will help users in discovering new content faster and easier. Users can find a movie based on the search terms or just browse through Not only film titles but also genre, actors, themes and awards. Amazon Prime Video adds more advanced tools like Filters to make it even easier for you to discover what you want to watch.



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