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Urfi Javed went Braless in front of the camera, Yurjas wrote – don’t you feel cold?

No matter what anyone says and how much they troll, Urfi Javed is not going to listen to anyone. She only does what her heart desires. That’s why seeing her bold style once again, her fans have lost their peace of mind.

Urfi Javed’s New Dress: Due to her bold style and different attitude, Urfi, who listens to her heart and mind, has the power to blow people’s senses. Once again Urfi has got a bold photoshoot done without caring about her shame and consideration. Seeing this style of her, fans have become intoxicated. Seeing her braless and shirtless videos, she has again come into the limelight.

Braless video shared on Instagram

In this Instagram video, Urfi is seen braless and shirtless. Urfi is wearing only low pants and she is standing in front of a painting and writing something, it is written on that painting –  she is mad, but she is still nameless. Lots of messages are coming in his comments box regarding this video post.

One user wrote I want these pants, while another wrote how can someone be so mean? One of those users wrote upset – To be naked is to be famous…God save this planet.

This is not happening for the first time when Urfi appeared in a semi-nude style. That’s why now they don’t care about all these things.

Splitsvilla 14 is making a splash

After reality shows like Big Boss, Urfi is now seen in shows like Splitsvilla.



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